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Please join us for the 2014 Festival of Trees.  This major event has become a local tradition, and we encourage you to participate in order to promote your business, support your local chamber of commerce, and help make the holidays brighter for thousands of area residents.

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2013 Auction Results


THANK YOU to this community for so strongly supporting its chamber of commerce. The Festival of Trees Auction raised $43,885 today, Friday December 6th. Many area individuals and businesses, like our sponsor WHIZ, showed up big time today! We are very grateful and will work hard to deserve your support. A special thanks to the Graham family of businesses - Dutro Ford, Shelly & Sands and Buckingham Coal - for their additional contribution!  Again, thank you!












Why Festival of Trees?

We organize this festival every year as both a community celebration and an essential fundraiser for the chamber of commerce.  The event is a much anticipated annual gathering that contributes to the civic life of the community.  Further, the chamber is a non profit organization that promotes economic growth and business development throughout the county.  Without non-dues revenue sources such as this, chamber membership would be unaffordable for many small businesses, and we would be unable to offer such a broad and effective set of services and development programs for your business and for others.  So, each year we ask you to support projects like Festival of Trees because it is a positive occasion and it is necessary to the financial health of your chamber.  The good news is projects such as this also give back to YOU in terms of publicity, continued services, and the quality of life of the area.


How You Can Help

Please help us by participating directly in the festival.  You can do this in one of several ways:


  • Enter a decorated holiday item such as a tree, wreath, stocking, centerpiece or other holiday item.
  • Contribute a product or a service gift certificate that represents your business, which we will use as an auction incentive to increases the sales value of a smaller entry.  You can do this in lieu of entering a decorated tree or other decorated item. 
  • Donate an art or craft item which can serve as your entry…we have found that art makes a terrific entry that generates a great deal of interest.
  • Purchase an entry at the festival auction on December 6.  Obviously, auction buyers are just as critical to the success of the project.


What You Get Back

  • When you enter Festival of Trees or provide a product or service as an auction incentive, you will receive plenty of publicity as we promote the entries and their sponsors ahead of time through the mail, email, chamber newsletters, and on the chamber website, and then auction them live on WHIZ radio.
  • Auction buyers get recognition on the radio when they buy plus they are recognized in chamber publications and the chamber website.
  • Auction buyers will be listed year round on a special sponsors page of the chamber website.
  • You can claim your entry or auction purchase as a business expense, since it is a legitimate marketing and promotion cost.











2012 Auction Results


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What Festival of Trees is all about...
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 Entering the Festival of Trees is easy…


STEP ONE:  A) Pick a local asset or attribute you want to celebrate (see blow about Hometown Pride Entries for explanation). B) Or choose to enter something that represents and promotes your business.  C) Or traditional holiday decorations are perfectly acceptable too.  It's up to you!


STEP TWO:  Complete the entry form and return it to us by November 1.  We may call before then to offer our assistance with your entry.

Here's an entry form!



Hometown Pride Entries

Ohio Magazine selected our community as one of “Ohio’s Best Hometowns”, and we are going to again celebrate this honor in 2012 with our theme of “Hometown Pride” .  As a Chamber of Commerce it is appropriate and important that we promote the positive features of our community, and we want to use the festival to do just that.


Help us recognize what’s great about our community by providing an entry or incentive that represents one our many points of pride.  The objective is to build our Hometown Pride and remind us all of how much we have to celebrate.


How do you help?  By making your entry and/or its incentive represent something special about our community, such as:


·       Local celebrities, heroes, athletes, musicians, artists, etc.

·       Landmarks and attractions

·       Locally made products

·       Historical figures and events

·       Booster clubs recognizing current or past athletes

·       Tributes to individuals or groups

·       And other local assets


Also new this year are additional award categories.  We have always asked the public to vote on their favorite entries and we will continue to do so.  We will now have more categories including:


·       Most “Hometown Pride”

·       Best overall theme implementation

·       Most creative incentive







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